40 tricks to get slim without dieting

Good habits can be very useful in the fight against the kilos including some tricks to lose weight in our daily lives. Do not forget that the opposite is also true. If you put into practice some old tricks to lose weight, you can achieve weight loss without diet or ease the burdens that bring regimes. TIPS FOR WEIGHT LOSS: [...]

Tips for urban cycling

Does the bike? Up to what age is recommended use? Albert García, friends of the bike, makes a clear difference in this regard: "the reality is that the bike is not dangerous, but it moves in a dangerous environment, and certainly has no age. The benefits are enormous». Why take to [...]

Tips to improve your fitness

We all have many activities to carry out, we stay so busy that exercise is almost impossible and in some cases makes us more stress ed out than it gives us peace of mind. But our health is a reflection of our quality of life and we all want to have a life of quality. The largest obstacle to exercising [...]

5 tips for return to your exercise routine

Return to your exercise routine after being long time without physical activity, it is very healthy. However, do it abruptly can be dangerous and cause injury. A common mistake is trying to do the same routine from the first day of exercise and that is not suitable. The Vegetable Bar tells you some considerations that you must take [...]

The best hydration tips

The body needs water to survive, so hydration in any person's life is so important. The tissues, organs and cells need water to function. On the other hand, dehydration occurs when the body loses too much water. This can happen when large amounts of fluid are lost by [...]