The left-handers have greater force when applied in the opposite direction to clockwise. So it will find it much easier than a right-handed opening a jar

1. We have the same amount of hair than a chimpanzee

The body of an average adult male contains the same amount of hair (called villi) that a chimpanzee. The difference is that, in the case of human, hair is much thinner than the chimpanzee. Also, in our case the hair has lost its original function was the protection. The current situation of body hair is probably due to the evolution and use clothing to protect us from the cold.

2. Why we put us goosebumps?


Many times we have experienced what is commonly known as goose bumps. This is the pilomotor reflex, a response that humans did in ancient times to the body hairs stand on end and against the cold and other dangers like animals. It was made from a size increase. Of course, this function is obsolete today. As we do not have much hair on the body, our skin still has the same answer.

3. The years we blink

Humans spent the equivalent to five years batting. As we know, this action is very important to our eyes, as it serves as a mechanism of protection and care. Through lubricate our eyes blink and rest, which can not remain permanently open.Also, flinching is a boost of protection, as we usually do when an object goes to our face.

4. The lefties have stronger

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Perhaps as a result of physical, left-handers they have greater force when applied in the opposite direction to clockwise. This means that for a lefty will be much easier to open a jar that a person skilled. However, in the case of close the bottle, which needs to be applied force backward, the skilled will have much easier to do.

5. The stomach acid stores

Our stomach stores hydrochloric acid, which is produced by cells found there. In the industry, this type of acid is highly corrosive so used metallurgy. However, the mucosal lining of the stomach wall protects us from the harmful effects of acid, so that we do not suffer any damage.

6. We are a reservoir of bacteria


The human body is an immense reservoir of bacteria. In fact, calculations are much say that cells more or less in a proportion of ten to one. Of course, this does not mean that all bacteria nuestroorganismo are harmful to health. There are several that are beneficial and help our body to be in good condition.

7. Naps are good

Nap of 20 minutes is good for our health. In fact, It helps us improve our concentration, mood and productivity. However, overdo that amount of time can have negative consequences. Doing this can cause us to feel more tired and irritable.

8. Many dead cells

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Every day, our body discards a lot of dead cells, mainly from our skin. Tal es la cantidad de ellas que a lo largo de un año podríamos juntar aproximadamente dos kilogramos de células dérmicas muertas.

9. Sensibilidad

Como sabemos, el cuerpo humano tiene una gran cantidad de terminaciones nerviosas que nos permiten sentir cosas. De todas ellas, las más sensibles se encuentran en los labios y los dedos, mientras que las menos sensibles se hallan en la zona media de la espalda.