Establish an exercise routine awakening helps our body to be more prepared to perform all activities with much more energy and vitality, which start only regularly, plus you can enjoy throughout the day of its benefits, such as better mood.

Por ello, te presentamos algunas recomendaciones que te ayudarán a armar una rutina de ejercicios ideales para cada mañana y poner en marcha tu metabolismo:

1. Stretches. In the morning is a good time to loosen up the muscles and lubricate the joints with some stretching, taking into account that must be very gentle because our body is not prepared at this time to great efforts.

2. breaths. Lying face up, try to take deep breaths to fill your lungs with air, to release it slowly. This oxigenas way your body and brain preparing for a better start. Repeat 3 sets of 5 to 10 breaths.

3. Walking and running. Leave at least walking 20 to 30 minutes is unentrenamiento low intensity that helps maintain a healthy weight, promotes circulation and improves our cardiorespiratory system, plus it helps to reconcile better sleep at night. The benefits are greater when you take rhythm and start running.

4. Make bicycle. This type of exercise will help you increase your endurance gradually, plus it lets you do both indoors (spinning) and outside, burning 250 to 500 calories in half an hour.

5. Nadar. La swimming It is an exercise for the whole body that will help to increase and tone muscles and to break free from fat, while'll protect your joints from stress caused by other exercises. You can get to burn up to 600 calories in half an hour.

Once you've finished making your exercise routine every morning, you will feel full because your body will burn calories and liberadoendorfinas also pleased to meet your goal every day. So do not give up and put the goal of doing daily for a month, you'll notice a big change in your life.