As we always say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, being the first and we must make that necessary to meet our routine classes energy, work, etc ... If we were hungry at breakfast, and drag that hunger throughout the morning, and probably end up succumbing to the temptation to snack between meals, which obviously is not beneficial.

It is therefore important to make healthy and full breakfasts, to provide us with the energy we will need throughout the day. There are many options to choose from when making nutritious breakfasts, but clearly opt for breakfast fruit is one of the best and healthiest. And the fruit gives us a lot, not only in energy but also in health, preventing many diseases, and also saciándonos with the aim of not eating between meals.,es

Here are the best fruits for breakfast, we completísimos foods that make your first meal of the day is healthy and delicious. In addition, you know that a full breakfast should include a serving of protein, so you should not forget also consult the best protein foods for breakfast.,es


You can not miss a full breakfast. Apples are a very nutritious food, not just "bad" fats, which actually gives us a lot of fiber, essential for proper digestion and even help you lose those extra kilos. In addition, apples quite satiated hunger, so they are perfect as first bite of the day. Also, if you are someone who can not eat solid first thing in the morning, do not worry. You can always opt for a nutritious apple smoothie that you can add other fruits.,es


With 90% of its content as water, grapefruit offers an alternative to the very satiating and healthy again, allowing you to look good filled with little calories as fat. Its sour taste promotes a decrease in insulin, which helps less fat stored in our body. In fact, there are studies that say that people with weight problems taking half a grapefruit before each meal can lose more than five kilos per week.,es


Another one of those fruits that are virtually water, so let us just give us full without calories. That is why we also represent a perfect breakfast, as well as help to meet the recommended daily amount of fruit. Helps those who are trying to lose weight, and last but not least, also get relieve muscle aches. Did not you know that watermelon was perfect for athletes? For now yes.,es


Everyone knows the great properties of banana as a source of potassium, but also provides us with fiber and many other vitamins. In addition, it is one of the most versatile fruits to accompany any breakfast, such as a bowl of oatmeal, or with a little peanut butter.

If all these suggestions do not yet have clear that breakfast in the morning, take a look at these five recipes very healthy breakfasts and especially easy for any day you can not beat.